DSN-Less Database Connection Examples


The follwoing are DSN-Less connections you may use to access a database without using an ODBC connection. Parameters in bold should be replaced with your information.

ColdFusion 5.0 & MySQL:

<cfquery name="MyQueryName" dbtype="dynamic" connectstring= "Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; SERVER=mysql.atlantisnet.com; UID=MySqlUser; PWD=MySqlPassword; DATABASE=MySqlDatabase; network=dbmssocn">

ColdFusion 5.0 & Microsoft SQL Server 2000:

<cfquery name="MyQueryName" dbtype="dynamic" connectstring= "Driver={SQL Server}; Server=sql2000.atlantisnet.com; Database=MsSqlDatabase; Uid=MsSqlUser; Pwd=MsSqlPassword;">