Nameservers Used For Hosting

In order for Atlantis International to correctly resolve your domain name to the IP address of your hosting service, your domain name record must contain the following name server information:

Normally the above information is sufficient information for most registrar systems. Some registrars may require that you also supply the associated IP addresses associated with each nameserver as well. In this case the information below should be used.

Primary Server Hostname:
Primary Netaddress:

Secondary Server Hostname:
Secondary Netaddress:

Additionally, including Atlantiis International as the technical and zone contact for your domain may provide additional security and management capabilities. Network Solution customers may use our NIC handle:

Technical Contact NIC: LN61

Non-Network Solution customers should the following Technical Contact information:

First Name: Atlantis International
Last Name: DNS Hostmaster
Company: Atlantis International, LLC
Address: 555 Anton Blvd Ste 100
City: Costa Mesa
State: CA
Zip: 92626-7071
Phone: 714.751.0264
FAX: 707.667.3868